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FAQ’s | Feeqalbee


I love Fee Qalbee! How can I be a part of this, how can I help?

Sure…we’d love as many sisters as possible to be a part of Fee Qalbee:) you can do this in a number of ways:
-Making du’aa for Fee Qalbee & its success for the pleasure of Allah.
-Visiting our blog & site often to enhance ur journey of Qur’aanic memorisation.
-Inviting other sisters to follow Fee Qalbee on web. blog, facebook or twitter.
-Attend, host or co-ordinate a Fee Qalbee event in your city or country.
-Submit related articles for our blog…We’re looking for writing talent & potential!

Can you explain the concept of ‘Mentorship’?
Mentoring can mean different things to different people but in general terms a mentor is
Someone who:
• listens
• offers encouragement
• acts as a role model
• discusses possible solutions to difficulties
• shares their experience and knowledge
• helps another to stay on track and reach their goals
• stays independent – does not get to personal
A mentor is a person who acts as a teacher of some sort.

Mentoring has many benefits for mentees, including-

For the mentee:
* improved self-confidence and self esteem,
* increased motivation,
* broadening horizons and experience and
* raised achievements and aspirations
Subhan Allah! This is awesome! I’d love to sign up for a hifdh mentor. Just need someone to check on my recitation often. Please provide me the details.
BaarakAllahu feeki. Sure!you’re welcome to visit the ‘MENTORING & CONSULTING SERVICES’ page category on the blog. After reading through this comprehensive category, our administration team could then present options based on your individual mentorship needs. Following that,Fee Qalbee would then be able to present you with possible options within the next 5 working days, inshaa Allah.

I just read about your Hifdh mentorship programme on the blog. It sounds really exciting! How does it work?
Mentorship sessions are primarily based on motivation : It is where the hifdh student is motivated and encouraged to achieve their hifdhul Qur’aan aims and goals, constantly and consistently. Using positive thinking & goal-planning, amongst other techniques, the student would then work toward gaining maximum benefit from the spiritual journey of memorising Al Qur’aan.However, every mentoring session is unique, as it is structured around the requirements of the individual student / group, etc. The fee structure would be drawn up, after a complimentary assessment has been conducted. Fee Qalbee aims at creating an ummah of Qur’aan-loving sisters & hence, maintain reasonable fee rates, inshaa Allah.

What would I need to do to be a part of the Hifdh programme? I really like the sound of it!
Alhamdulillah! The inspiration to increase in good, beneficial deeds comes only from our Kind & Merciful Allah.
We ask interested students to first provide us with information regarding their journey towards Hifdhul Qur’aan, i.e: How much you have memorised, the time taken, challenges that you encounter , what motivates you in doing Hifdh & an outline of your envisioned goals for Hifdh. With regards to personal information, we require your full name, age & the name of your hifdh class / centre.
After reviewing the above information, we then formulate a few suitable options & payment plans, thereafter presenting them to the interested individual.
Upon agreement & contracted dates & times, the lessons begin. Students will need to have a skype address & add our contact onto their list. Fee Qalbee then calls the student on her skype address & the mentorship session commences.

Is there a specific syllabus for students doing Hifdh mentoring?

Alhamdulillah, each student’s learning needs differ from the next. As such, Fee Qalbee Mentoring Services structures individualised, enlightening & interactive sessions for every student seeking to achieve her spiritual ambitions, with both short-term and long-term goal-planning & visualisation.

I would love to benefit from a personalised mentoring session. But at the moment, I’m not memorising The Qur’aan. Would this still be possible?
Sure, Inshaa Allah! Fee Qalbee provides online & onsite mentorship programmes in the field of: Tajweed, Tilaawatul Qur’aan, Islamic lifestyle application, Emotional Healing, Personal Development, Time-Management & Productivity in the Business World. Please view the page links that appear on our Home page, to learn more about our unique course programmes available.

Soul Therapy…It sounds like something I’d love to be a part of! Tell me more.

Sure…Soul Therapy is a fusion experience of heart, mind & soul..utilising positive thinking, life affirmations, counselling & mentorship, Soul Therapy seeks to uplift the individual..The entire concept of Soul Therapy is based on Deen and encourages connecting to Allah on a higher & consistent level..more often than not, Soul Therapy is occasionallyconducted in person at a therapy room or at the clients residence – but, generally, Fee Qalbee  conducts Soul Therapy online via skype or telephonically, where we’ve been successful in counselling, mentoring, doing affirmations & visualisations, etc. Soul Therapy does not seek to provide answers : rather, we seek to inform, enrich and enlighten the lives of our clients, leaving the transformation in the hands of Allah! Soul Therapy is a journey of increased gratitude, love & devotion to Allah, thru emotional healing & encouraging nearness to our Merciful Lord:)

Does Fee Qalbee offer group mentoring sessions?

Yes, we do. This option would apply to classroom situations or groups of students, teachers or administrators.  Fee Qalbee is also pleased to announce specialised structured sessions for corporates (women only). Please email us for further details or to arrange your group bookings.

What times do sessions take place?

Fee Qalbee seeks to meet the convenience of every student. As such, we provide a range of possible date / day / time options with time-zone conversions, during the day & evening hours. Once agreed upon by student & mentor, we arrange to facilitate weekly bi-monthly sessions, as per request. Sessions are usually based on a 30 minute or hourly time-frame, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Please explain the fee structure payment?

Kindly note that fees are payable at the start of the month & are structured according to the mentoring sessions. Payments are to be made electronically, via bank deposit. Payments can also be securely made through our Paypal account.  The fee structure would be drawn up, after a complimentary assessment has been conducted. Fee Qalbee aims at creating an ummah of Qur’aan-loving sisters & hence, maintain reasonable fee rates, inshaa Allah.

  • Aside from online classes & events, does Fee Qalbee particpate in onsite programmes?

Yes, Alhamdulillah! Haafidha Rayhaanah has been blessed to travel within Southern Africa & abroad, on conference & in presentation of onsite courses & workshops in numerous cities. Please email her directly at: rayhaanah@feeqalbee.com for further details or requests on calendar bookings.

What are the equipment / software requirements for a mentorship programme?
You will need reliable access to a computer with good internet connection. If you do not have a current skype address, you would need to download the skype programme at: www.skype.com & create an account in your name. Thereafter, you would need to add Fee Qalbee onto your contact list. Our skype address is: hafidha.rayhaanah
A further basic stationery list may be provided prior to the commencement of the first session.

Aside from my session, is there any homework?
Yes there is Alhamdulillah! Though it’s plenty of fun, I must add! Our enrichment exercises are stacks of fun & aid in finding your true potential & expanding your highest values. But above all else, it contributes significantly to personal growth, inner strength & tapping on your unfulfilled spiritual ambitions.

Apart from the mentoring sessions, how can I network with Fee Qalbee to remain inspired?
Through any of the following mediums:

Email – rayhaanah@gmail.com

Blog – www.feeqalbee.wordpress.com (subscribe)

Twitter – www.twitter.com/RayhaanahOmar

Facebook – Rayhaanah Omar

Skype – hafidha.rayhaanah